We are your one stop shop for sustainable solutions.

We are your one stop shop for sustainable design and development.

We have a reputation for integrating sustainability seamlessly and work with clients to develop solutions which are smart, robust, and cost effective. We have a proven track record of creating sustainable spaces, places and communities for people to enjoy healthy lives.

We can provide services from the earliest stages of project master planning, through building design, construction and operation. Our passion, expertise and experience adds real value to projects of all sizes, from precinct infrastructure planning right down to the selection of office furniture.


Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD)

Let’s start with the basic principles of sustainability to reinforce a strong vision, then tackle more complex solutions.

Let us help you...
  • Develop or Review the overall project sustainability vision
  • Analyse site climatic conditions
  • Map out Site and Building Strategies for Energy, Water, Transport, Materials & Waste
  • Integrate Passive Design Strategies - Orientation, Building Form, Shading, Glazing & Materials
  • Provide input on Engineering Services Solutions
  • Evaluate Low Carbon Construction Techniques, Methodologies and Materials

Technology Integration

It is essential to evaluate which technologies and innovations are appropriate, available and cost effective.

Underpin decision making with...
  • Feasibility Studies for Roof Top Solar PV, Solar PV Farms, Batteries, Electric Vehicles, Hydrogen, Biofuel and other renewable energy solutions
  • Infrastructure master planning and optioneering
  • Resource management and health and wellbeing monitoring strategies
  • Technology Reviews


The sustainability objectives of today need to stay relevant and adapt into the future.

Develop a resilient future through...
  • Sustainable Design Guidelines
  • Sustainable Procurement Guidelines
  • Carbon Neutrality Roadmaps & Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory
  • Climate Adaptation Plans
  • Sustainable Transport Plans
  • Waste Management Plans
  • Health and Wellbeing Strategies
  • Biophilic Design Strategies
  • Modelling Tool Development

Building Performance Simulation

Test the building design and understand how it will operate.

We provide in depth calculations and simulations for...
  • Energy - overall energy consumption
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions - carbon and environmental impact
  • Daylight - natural light penetration into buildings
  • Glare - internal and external instances of glare
  • Air Change Effectiveness - integrity of the building fabric
  • Thermal Comfort - level of comfort in spaces without air conditioning
  • Moisture - moisture penetration
  • Facade Optimisation - evaluating solar heat gain on facades & building fabric effectiveness
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) - windflow analysis
  • Public realm microclimate analysis - solar stress and wind modelling
  • Aircraft Glare Modelling
  • Life Cycle Analysis - Material embodied energy and environmental impact in accordance with EN 15978
  • Accredited NatHERS modelling


Make sure your project meets local and national energy efficiency and sustainability requirements.

We can help make sure your project meets...
  • Local planning environmental and sustainable design requirements
  • National Construction Code (NCC) Section J
  • Tender / Project Brief sustainability requirements
  • Administration for Green Star, LEED, WELL and Living Building Challenge through construction

Financial Evaluation

What strategic and capital investments will include positive financial performance, reinforcing true triple bottom line.

We can help evaluate...
  • Financial Return of Investment
  • Social Return on Investment
  • Capital and Operational cost evaluation
  • Incentives and funding scheme development
  • Grant applications

Green Building Ratings

Prove your sustainability commitment with an accredited rating.

We ease the process to obtain these certifications...
  • Green Star - Design & As Built / Interiors / Communities / Performance
  • LEED
  • WELL - Buildings / Communities
  • Living Building Challenge
  • NatHERS
  • EnvironDevelopment
  • Climate Active Carbon Neutral

Engagement & Advocacy

Sustainability is best delivered with a shared vision. Let’s get all of the players on your side.

Let’s involve the project team members, key stakeholders and community through...
  • Charrette/Workshop Facilitation
  • Stakeholder and Community engagement
  • Surveys and Data Analysis
  • Green Star teaching and training
  • ESD and Sustainability Policy development
  • Corporate Sustainability Manager/Team support
  • Public event presentations and panels